Trestor Foundation is a non-profit start-up based out of Toronto, Canada and Panama City, Panama. We are currently in stealth mode, weaving a disruptive hybrid (technological and business) platform with absolute precision.

We have a 2 point mandate:

1.Secure biometric (fingerprint,iris,etc.) information
2.Design and sell electronic hardware at cost price

Developers/companies can use our biometric APIs and SDKs to develop powerful applications. Access to our APIs is free and will remain free forever.

We are committed to open source movement, our application development source code would be made available to the community to use and build upon.

Want to know more about us, feel free to connect with our Founder, Kunal Dixit.

Follow the link:

We are proudly non-profit and answer to no one but you. We put principles
over profit and offer privacy and security "by design". Know More